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it's been a bagotjillion years since I've been on all need myspaces
  • Listening to: tangerine sky by kotton mouth kings
  • Eating: absolutley nothing, it's forbidden!
dearie dins right this song is awsome:…...
i releh hope this link works if not oh well
the song is called ur so gay by katy perry
  • Listening to: heheheeh.................................
  • Reading: mary russel books
  • Watching: u thru ur window oo shit!
  • Eating: ur souls!
  • Listening to: heheheeh.................................
  • Reading: death note bitches
  • Watching: u thru ur window oo shit!
  • Eating: ur souls!
ok so now the magical bowling the demon fairy purple and the random lady have buried the them L and my self all went out fur drinks
L wuz tellin us about the Kira case(we got him wasted) and then he was serious like
"I know who kira is!" an we were like "who?!" and he's all
"it's-an then he fell over so we all rushed to see if he was okay ( mind you this after he died in the death note series we are all in hel right now including yagami Raito stupid misa lives pfft!)
"he's dead!" exlaimed Itachi an shigure an myself went to go check his pulse
as we were both reall close to L's uh... corpse all of sudden L go's
an me an gure chan go flyin backwards in the air due to our startled ninja jump an then everyone starts laughin at us so we pull out the magical checkered belt once more!
" u guys chil! we just playin a joke
see heheheh funny!" was the magical bowling shoes sad attempt to calm us
then we slaughtered them all mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Listening to: the screams of cookies as i eat them one by o
  • Reading: death note bitches
  • Watching: the computer screen and the back of my eyelid
  • Eating: COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!
So the demon fairy purple and the magical bowling shoe and me
all got yelled at by random lady for seeking vengence and starting a war
so then i tried to use the death note on her ass but my fellow akatsukians were like no way thats cheating especialy L( yes he leads a double life with the akatsuki) he was pissed. any who so i had to use my last resort
The Magical checkered belt
now this is some kickass belt it gave the magical bowling shoe its power in the first place!
so i put on the magical belt giving me all the power of the tooth fairy and i said i will use this power to unite my fist wth random lady's face and xtinguish all evil
except fer me and some friends of mine *cough cough akatsuki* and so children this all brings me to my point don't smoke's not fruitalicious
oh yeah and i cut my hair like akitos so I'll have to edit my akatsuki id card.
so i was eaten a chicken when the magical bowling shoe came so i took his magic but then the magic fairy purple came and stole it from me so i called her a bing head(large insult amongst fairies) and she threw a duck at me so i ate the duck
little did we know the magical bowling shoe was plotting his revenge on us for no apparent reason
first the magical bowling shoe ate a dragon fly and summoned the power of the monkey ninja but little did he know i know a rainbow monkey ninja myself and everyone knows rainbow monkeys and black monkeys are the most powerful ku ku ku
I soon rounded up all the dragonfly's who hated the magical bowling shoe for eating one of thir bretheren so ive got the rainbow monkeys and the flying dragons on my side
even so the magical bowling shoe is strong
but just when he thought it was all good in the hood
Alli took ovr the akatsuki
it won't let me change my avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dunno why i even write hese stupid journals anyway
you know what ife sucks ass! too much light not enough darkness ya know? sure there are tragedys but no one admits to them so it's like they don't exist! maybe i'll make some for people who could really use a tragedy heh heh mwahahahahahahahahahahahahah! heh........
I died my hair black today now it's a lackwith a red tint cuz my natural hair color had a red tint
i hookded up meh scannah! now i gets tuh put hand sketchies on de comp
I need to hook up my scanner so i can color my sketches on the comp
congrats to my mom for getting a job with comcast as a senior tech person thingy, well whatever it pays pretty good
yeah I, uh my dad got out yesterday and we stayed he night at my grandpa's yeah, uh, um it was weird. We had nothing to talk about
Well, there's really nothing to tell, at all. yup, uh................ nice weather we're having, heh heh
yeah, no
I just got a whole new wardrobe today! I'm super tired but I would like to thank Lisa and Uncle Scott, Grandpa and My Aunt Witney Yeah!
I made up a word today!
I wish I had a scanner, all that I have on here is stuff I did on the computer, and I'm not good at that! I have some pretty okay art that I can't put on here because I don't have a mother trukin' scanner!!
  • Listening to: night time silencw
  • Reading: a book
I'm leaving for florida today and never coming back maybe.  
So if I owe you money, Tough shit!!!!!!!!!!
  • Listening to: mother nagging
  • Reading: yer mind
well chickens suck, especially ones with broken legs when you kick them.

                       KFC forevaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
  • Listening to: mother nagging
  • Reading: yer mind